What is Red Lenses Golf?

Red Lensses adds extra functionality to NexGolf. NexGolf is a great app for golfers in Finland. However, I believe it is missing some simple functionality. This site hopes to add these features through data that is already availble. Calendar, feeds, notifications. Automatically! Read more.



Add your tee time reservations to a calendar of your choice.


Use feeds for notifications or tweets.


See your friends bookings too so you never miss out.


Calendar, feeds, notifications. Automatically!

More information

The challenge

NexGolf is great for recording your golf scores and it is a super handy way of booking tee-times and telling the caddie master that you are there. One feature I felt was missing was the ability to add your upcoming rounds to your calendar.

I realize that these events may well only be occurring within the coming week, however with busy schedules and events & happenings from various sources I really wanted to add my upcoming rounds into a common calendar.

The solution

NexGolf, of course, provides your booking information and scoring history when you are logged in. At this time there is no way to directly retrieve this information and utilize the data but I have found some sort of workaround.

The data that the pages return are in a manageable format, so if you can emulate the login, it is possible to manipulate the data into formats that generate .ics and .rss files that can be utilized by calendar apps, IFTTT and feed readers.

Add event & scorecard links to your desired service and you have Nexgolf events straight into your calendar & your golf scores tweeted automatically!


How do I get this data?

To be able to retrieve the required information, you require an authentication token. You can log in through the form below and get your links directly.

Your data

Please note that I do not store log in information. However the token generated is visible in the URL on this site. For further information read more here.

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How to use this data?


You can test your links by trying them directly into a browser's address bar. The calendar should try to force a download if you have valid credentials. RSS files should be visible in the browser also in unformated XML.

Add events to calendar

If you have been through the link generation & testing process then the final step is to add your .ics link to your calendar. Here is a quick instruction on how to do this with Google calendar.

How to subscribe to an online calendar

Tweet your NexGolf scores automatically

The .rss code allows you to do almost anything with your latest scores posted to NexGolf. In this example, I’ve linked this file with IFTTT to automate the retrieval of the file & subsequent automatic posting to Twitter. You will need

  • The link to the .rss file you generated
  • An IFTTT account
  • A Twitter account

I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of creating an IFTTT account, but if you an account created & it is linked to Twitter then you create a new applet:

  • IF (this) > New feed item
    • The .rss) URL you have just created
  • THEN (that) > Post a tweet
    • Your tweet text should be {{EntryContent}}

That's it.

Get notifications of new bookings

Similar to the scorecard.rss you can use buddies.rss to get the lastest bookings that your friends have made. You could use set up IFTTT again with a messenger app such as Facebook or Telegram. Steps very similar to above just make sure you use the correct .rss URL.

New: Download your scores

You can now export all your years scores to pipe delimited csv by following this link: nexgolf_export.csv. Scores must be recorded on NexGolf. This should prompt a file download - fill your boots!


I would love to know how you get on. Please let me know by tweeting to me at @ulko7t7. Please use the hashtag #RLgolf.


This is an unofficial way of accessing your own information. It may break at any time. The previous disclaimers also stands however in additional using this method your user name & password are actually being sent to my servers. I am not collecting or storing this information. Your session token genrated through log in is visible in the URL, however querying this information doesn't provide any personal details such as credit card information etc.